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Black bear

rain 12 °C

After 2,5hrs of driving, I am now back in (rainy) Victoria. I had a great time on my little adventure, but it'll be good now to relax just a little bit before heading off to Vancouver.

Yesterday I went to Ucluelet and Tofino. On my way I did loads of stops, recommended by Chris, the hostel owner. It's just sooo beautiful up there!! Huge forests with massive lakes in between. Unreal.

Right by the road

When I got to Ucluelet it just rained, rained and rained a bit more. But even so, I drove around the little town a bit before heading off to Tofino. Between Ucluelet and Tofino are loads of beautiful beaches, mostly known for surfing. I stopped on almost every beach, ran out in the rain, took a couple of photos and ran back to the car, haha. I would have hated leaving this place without some photgraphic evidence. Tofino was tiny and not much to do. I was a little lost, especially when I had no idea where to go haha. And again, it rained.. So I'll def have to come back for some surfing!

Rainy Little Beach in Ucluelet

It's raining, it's poring..


A beach. Can't remember which one

On my way back to Port Alberni I SAW A FRIGGIN' BEAR!!!!! Right by the side of the road, was a huuuge black bear. I was so happy :D There was no place to pullover so I did not get a photo of him/her, sadly enough.. This picture from Google will do for now.


Snowy mountain

In the evening, I joined three others that were staying at the hostel in some card games. Two from Holland and one from Germany. Real nice :)

Now off to enjoy my last night in Victoria!!

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Nei så kult! En bjøøøøørn!!! Eg såg bilde før eg hadde lest teksten så eg trodde seriøst du hadde tatt det bilde og va litt i sjokk! Men så leste eg.. men KULT uansett då! juhuuu! :D

fra Hanne Maria

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