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Port Alberni

sunny 17 °C

So, after I've been told off by Louise that it was stupid that my blog was in Norwegian - this has now changed! From now on, my blog will be in English (scuse my spelling ppl..)! I love Louise too much :)

I am now in the small town, Port Alberni, about 1,5hr drive North-West from Nanaimo. Nanaimo was everything everyone said it would be - a small place with nothing to do. So I was off pretty early this morning to Port Alberni. Sooo nice having "my own" car and listening to music while driving up the coast. I stopped in a place called Qualicum Beach. Cute. But holy smokes, do they have old people and dogs. Everywhere!!! I barely saw anyone my age - not even sure if I did. But they did have a beautiful beach (I mean, they have "beach" in their name so they should have one..). After my little sightseeing, I drove the scenic route.. I got a little lost ofcourse, but then I found BC-19N Hwy and got on in. Driving along, minding my own business and after 10-15min I remembered I should be on BC-4W - a completely different direction..!!!! Fuuuuuck... So I turned around (finally) and got on the right hwy for once. Good times!

Nanaimo Harbour

Qualicum Beach

Happy traveller!

On the road..

I got myself to Port Alberni and I'm staying at the cutest hostel - it's family driven (parents, two little boys and a dog) so it's real cozy. My sheets are of Mickey Mouse! The weather is soo so nice and warm today, so after being recommended Stamp Provincial Park, I drove down there. Really, really nice!

Stamp River

Off trail. So pretty.

So all evening I've just been exploring and driving around the area. Cute city, but not much to do. Tomorrow I'm getting up early and going to Tofino. The weather forecast says rain, which sucks bigtime.. But no one's gonna stop me from going to Tofino, now that I'm this close!

Port Alberni



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Her var det mange nydlige bilder! For en natur!! :)

fra Hanne Maria

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