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Going home..

overcast 32 °C

Well, my long long vacation is now more or less over :( I've managed to get a sunburn tho, my last day in Miami. The days I've spent here in Miami has been pretty good!! But soo warm - around 30-35'C every day.

After meeting SE's friends, Cato and Pernille, we've been hanging out with them every day. We've had a pretty good time - a lot of eating, shopping and sunbathing. Saturday and Sunday we spent on the beach and in the shopping mall. Monday we all went jetskiing, which was real fun! Even tho we couldn't go snorkeling because of the weather.. Yes, the thunderstorms came eventually. It started raining while we were in the middle of the ocean - not too exciting. I couldn't see anything ahead of me! But all in all it was good fun - we got to see downtown Miami, alot of the surrounding areas and famous people's houses! No dolphins or sharks tho.. :/

Tuesday, SE and I drove up to Orlando to Disney World. After the long ride, we arrived at Magic Kingdom. It was fun, but there were too many poeple and the heat was just too much - it was probably the hottest day we had here, around 40'C. We didn't get to do any rides as we werent too interested in standing in line for 50-90min.. So, we decided to head over to the Epcot center. Oh yeah, right before we decided to have lunch, it started pouring! Lucky..

At Epcot, the lines were just as long as Magic Kingdom.. 50-90min to get on a single ride. Insane. So we spent most of our time at the place Norway has.. quite funny to see all the Norwegian stuff there. They even had Stratos and Melkesjokolade! yuum.. but for twice the price I would get it for back home. After many many hours in the heat, we drove back to South Beach.

Magic Kingdom!

It rained a bit..

So we went back to Norway instead!

I found the mini Butchart Gardens

And Miami Ink!



Today, I got a sunburn. Both back and front. That'll be comfy on the long planeride back home tomorrow..! All afternoon, SE and I went for some last minute shopping, as Cato and Pernille left earlier to catch their flight back home to Norway.

Well, I guess I have to start packing! Hopefully I'll fit everything in my suitcase.. See you back in Norway!

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