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I'm in Miami b... each!

semi-overcast 31 °C

Yes, as the title clearly states - I am in Miami! And it's f'ing hot out here.. djeez! I thought it was warm in Las Vegas!! The humidity is insane.. I'm not used to going around being sweaty all the time.. Different kind of heat than South Africa and Las Vegas I tell ya.. I no likey very much haha. But I mean, I'm in Miami - I simply can't complain.

The rest of the days I had in Las Vegas were good. I ended up winning $40 on the roulette, woho! Crazy gambler.. Other than that, it was much of the same thing.. walking around on the busy strip, tanning (or trying to) and watching drunk people making a fool of themselves at daytime. The last night we went to see the comedian, Carrot Top. We weren't sure what to expect but he was hilarious!! I laughed so hard througout the show, it was so good. We took an early night tho, to pack for our trip to Miami.

The pool at the Mirage

Bellagio fountain show

Caesar's Palace

Inside the Venetian

And here we are! Not sure what we're gonna do here really - no big plans. Depends on the weather. Today it's been quite nice - a little cloudy, but superwarm. Better than thunderstorms I guess. Tonight it's dinner with a friend of Sven Erik's from work and his girlfriend. Hopefully that'll be fun :)


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You forgot to mention that you lost me 100$ at the roulette table the day before, but thankfully i won them back on the Black Jack table, before i lost them again! But again, it's vegas. You are not supposed to win money there.

fra Sven Erik

Nyt det fine været dåkk har for her i Stavanger regne det!!! :( Kos dåkk masse :D <3

fra Hanne Maria

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