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Ja da var jeg på tur igjen! And I'll do this blog entry in English as well, so Louise won't kick my butt..

I'm in VEGAS!! For the second time and it's just as I remember - big, loud and crowded! It's a pretty awesome city. I'm here with my friend, Sven Erik this time. We're here for a week before we head to Miami. So far it's been pretty good, although my health isn't at its best (got a cold after I arrived which sucks.. Hopefully it'll get better soon). Even tho we've realized that travelling just the two of us wasn't the best idea, we try to make the best of it! We've already been to three shows - Criss Angel (AWESOME!), Terry Fator (so good!!) and tonight, David Copperfield (a little disappointing, but after all these years, he still amazes me). The weather is super warm and nice and I'm just so happy I haven't gotten a sunburn yet, haha. Otherwise, we've seen the Bellagio fountain show twice - once by streetview and the second time up in the Eiffeltower by the hotel, Paris. Pretty nice! We've also been up and down the strip a couple of times and in and out of the different hotels. They're amaaazing and so huge! It's crazy that a city like this has appeared in the middle of the desert. Crazy. The next few days we're probably going to the Stratosphere to check out the view there and to Circus Circus to ride some rollercoasters (which were closed the last time I was here..)! Should be fun. We still need to go to the Secret Garden here at the Mirage, where we're staying, as well. On Wednesday we'll probably just hang out by the pool and get a sunburn finally.. And then it's off to Miami!! Hopefully the weather forecast will change, cuz as of now, it's not looking to good.. Adios amigos, I'll put up some photos in my next entry!

Viva Las Vegas


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