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Back in Norway

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As the title says - I am back in Norway! It's alright to be back I guess. It was good seeing all my friends and family again :) But I do miss Canada already!

On the friday night, I went out to a pub/club with Andres and a few of his friends. Was a good, good night! The day after I spent many hours in bed, sleeping my ass off before hanging out with Andres (again haha). Got to see his beautiful neighborhood which is right by Cleveland Dam and Grouse Mountain.

I spent a few hours later on at Metropolis at Metrotown shoppingmall before going back to the hostel and falling asleep.

Sunday went by too fast. After checking out at the hostel, I went back to the mall to hang out for a few hours and to try and do a little bit of shopping (didn't go so well.. at least I have the states to look forward to!). I was supposed to go to lunch with Andres and a friend of his, but since I had to leave for the airport pretty early I didn't have time for it. At least he picked me up and dropped me off at the SkyTrain :) I'll miss Andres!

It was a loooong trip home. But not too bad. I've been on worse trips haha. Either way, I'll miss Victoria and Vancouver so so much and hopefully I'll be back sooner than later.




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