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I'm back in Vancouver! I'm living at the HI Hostel on Granville in a 4-bed dorm, so I'm right in the middle of everything. I came here yesterday, late afternoon, and it's good to be back :)

For my last night in Victoria (on Wednesday), I didn't really do much. I met up with Jon later that evening to watch a movie (The Ghost writer - not too bad!). Before that, I just drove around Vic, trying to use up the fuel I'd already paid for haha. It's just so beautiful around Vic!

It's an eagle!! I also saw deer and a racoon, but no photo's..

You should've seen the sky when there were two full rainbows.. Stunning


Yesterday (Thursday), I wandered around Vic, enjoying my last few hours in the city. Vishal came by an hour before my bus left, which was really nice. He drove me to the bus and we said our goodbye's (I'LL MISS YOU!!! And everybody else I love in Vic!).

Once in Van, I took it easy for a little bit before Andres and I met up. We had a crépe and a few beers. AND WE SAW WILL.I.AM!!! That was awesome. We also went to the casino to win some money. Actually, I did! $40! With some help from Andres.. (even tho he lost all of his money.. haha).

Today I've been a quick ride out to the airport to figure out my luggage situation. It turns out, if I pay $50, I can bring an extra bag. So, I guess that's what I'm doing! Other than that, I got a job offer at Hollister, haha! Was pretty cool tho.. She explained to me, because I have a bachelors degree, I can apply for the Manager in Training-course (which obviously gives me a better job..). So, maybe I'll be in Van next year, knowing that I can get a job straight away :) That would be amazing!!

So, so far it's been pretty good being in this town!!


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