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Going home..

overcast 32 °C

Well, my long long vacation is now more or less over :( I've managed to get a sunburn tho, my last day in Miami. The days I've spent here in Miami has been pretty good!! But soo warm - around 30-35'C every day.

After meeting SE's friends, Cato and Pernille, we've been hanging out with them every day. We've had a pretty good time - a lot of eating, shopping and sunbathing. Saturday and Sunday we spent on the beach and in the shopping mall. Monday we all went jetskiing, which was real fun! Even tho we couldn't go snorkeling because of the weather.. Yes, the thunderstorms came eventually. It started raining while we were in the middle of the ocean - not too exciting. I couldn't see anything ahead of me! But all in all it was good fun - we got to see downtown Miami, alot of the surrounding areas and famous people's houses! No dolphins or sharks tho.. :/

Tuesday, SE and I drove up to Orlando to Disney World. After the long ride, we arrived at Magic Kingdom. It was fun, but there were too many poeple and the heat was just too much - it was probably the hottest day we had here, around 40'C. We didn't get to do any rides as we werent too interested in standing in line for 50-90min.. So, we decided to head over to the Epcot center. Oh yeah, right before we decided to have lunch, it started pouring! Lucky..

At Epcot, the lines were just as long as Magic Kingdom.. 50-90min to get on a single ride. Insane. So we spent most of our time at the place Norway has.. quite funny to see all the Norwegian stuff there. They even had Stratos and Melkesjokolade! yuum.. but for twice the price I would get it for back home. After many many hours in the heat, we drove back to South Beach.

Magic Kingdom!

It rained a bit..

So we went back to Norway instead!

I found the mini Butchart Gardens

And Miami Ink!



Today, I got a sunburn. Both back and front. That'll be comfy on the long planeride back home tomorrow..! All afternoon, SE and I went for some last minute shopping, as Cato and Pernille left earlier to catch their flight back home to Norway.

Well, I guess I have to start packing! Hopefully I'll fit everything in my suitcase.. See you back in Norway!

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I'm in Miami b... each!

semi-overcast 31 °C

Yes, as the title clearly states - I am in Miami! And it's f'ing hot out here.. djeez! I thought it was warm in Las Vegas!! The humidity is insane.. I'm not used to going around being sweaty all the time.. Different kind of heat than South Africa and Las Vegas I tell ya.. I no likey very much haha. But I mean, I'm in Miami - I simply can't complain.

The rest of the days I had in Las Vegas were good. I ended up winning $40 on the roulette, woho! Crazy gambler.. Other than that, it was much of the same thing.. walking around on the busy strip, tanning (or trying to) and watching drunk people making a fool of themselves at daytime. The last night we went to see the comedian, Carrot Top. We weren't sure what to expect but he was hilarious!! I laughed so hard througout the show, it was so good. We took an early night tho, to pack for our trip to Miami.

The pool at the Mirage

Bellagio fountain show

Caesar's Palace

Inside the Venetian

And here we are! Not sure what we're gonna do here really - no big plans. Depends on the weather. Today it's been quite nice - a little cloudy, but superwarm. Better than thunderstorms I guess. Tonight it's dinner with a friend of Sven Erik's from work and his girlfriend. Hopefully that'll be fun :)


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sunny 32 °C

Ja da var jeg på tur igjen! And I'll do this blog entry in English as well, so Louise won't kick my butt..

I'm in VEGAS!! For the second time and it's just as I remember - big, loud and crowded! It's a pretty awesome city. I'm here with my friend, Sven Erik this time. We're here for a week before we head to Miami. So far it's been pretty good, although my health isn't at its best (got a cold after I arrived which sucks.. Hopefully it'll get better soon). Even tho we've realized that travelling just the two of us wasn't the best idea, we try to make the best of it! We've already been to three shows - Criss Angel (AWESOME!), Terry Fator (so good!!) and tonight, David Copperfield (a little disappointing, but after all these years, he still amazes me). The weather is super warm and nice and I'm just so happy I haven't gotten a sunburn yet, haha. Otherwise, we've seen the Bellagio fountain show twice - once by streetview and the second time up in the Eiffeltower by the hotel, Paris. Pretty nice! We've also been up and down the strip a couple of times and in and out of the different hotels. They're amaaazing and so huge! It's crazy that a city like this has appeared in the middle of the desert. Crazy. The next few days we're probably going to the Stratosphere to check out the view there and to Circus Circus to ride some rollercoasters (which were closed the last time I was here..)! Should be fun. We still need to go to the Secret Garden here at the Mirage, where we're staying, as well. On Wednesday we'll probably just hang out by the pool and get a sunburn finally.. And then it's off to Miami!! Hopefully the weather forecast will change, cuz as of now, it's not looking to good.. Adios amigos, I'll put up some photos in my next entry!

Viva Las Vegas


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Back in Norway

overcast 12 °C

As the title says - I am back in Norway! It's alright to be back I guess. It was good seeing all my friends and family again :) But I do miss Canada already!

On the friday night, I went out to a pub/club with Andres and a few of his friends. Was a good, good night! The day after I spent many hours in bed, sleeping my ass off before hanging out with Andres (again haha). Got to see his beautiful neighborhood which is right by Cleveland Dam and Grouse Mountain.

I spent a few hours later on at Metropolis at Metrotown shoppingmall before going back to the hostel and falling asleep.

Sunday went by too fast. After checking out at the hostel, I went back to the mall to hang out for a few hours and to try and do a little bit of shopping (didn't go so well.. at least I have the states to look forward to!). I was supposed to go to lunch with Andres and a friend of his, but since I had to leave for the airport pretty early I didn't have time for it. At least he picked me up and dropped me off at the SkyTrain :) I'll miss Andres!

It was a loooong trip home. But not too bad. I've been on worse trips haha. Either way, I'll miss Victoria and Vancouver so so much and hopefully I'll be back sooner than later.




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semi-overcast 14 °C

I'm back in Vancouver! I'm living at the HI Hostel on Granville in a 4-bed dorm, so I'm right in the middle of everything. I came here yesterday, late afternoon, and it's good to be back :)

For my last night in Victoria (on Wednesday), I didn't really do much. I met up with Jon later that evening to watch a movie (The Ghost writer - not too bad!). Before that, I just drove around Vic, trying to use up the fuel I'd already paid for haha. It's just so beautiful around Vic!

It's an eagle!! I also saw deer and a racoon, but no photo's..

You should've seen the sky when there were two full rainbows.. Stunning


Yesterday (Thursday), I wandered around Vic, enjoying my last few hours in the city. Vishal came by an hour before my bus left, which was really nice. He drove me to the bus and we said our goodbye's (I'LL MISS YOU!!! And everybody else I love in Vic!).

Once in Van, I took it easy for a little bit before Andres and I met up. We had a crépe and a few beers. AND WE SAW WILL.I.AM!!! That was awesome. We also went to the casino to win some money. Actually, I did! $40! With some help from Andres.. (even tho he lost all of his money.. haha).

Today I've been a quick ride out to the airport to figure out my luggage situation. It turns out, if I pay $50, I can bring an extra bag. So, I guess that's what I'm doing! Other than that, I got a job offer at Hollister, haha! Was pretty cool tho.. She explained to me, because I have a bachelors degree, I can apply for the Manager in Training-course (which obviously gives me a better job..). So, maybe I'll be in Van next year, knowing that I can get a job straight away :) That would be amazing!!

So, so far it's been pretty good being in this town!!


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